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Re: Solaris install help?

From: Todd Denniston
Subject: Re: Solaris install help?
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 10:51:40 -0500

> Bob Imperial wrote:
please skip the HTML on a mailing list, mail is for raw text, and many of the
people who can answer your question do not use HTML mail readers.
> Anybody out there have experience with installing CVS on Solaris? I've
> inherited the task on getting source control on our development server and I
> am a newbie with installing anything on Solaris. TIA!

tar -xvzf cvs-1.11.2.tar.gz
cd cvs-1.11.2

#search for 'Building from source code under Unix:'
#and most times you can start at step 2
#follow it.

#then either a) 
cd doc
#begin reading 

#or b)
point your browser at
and begin reading, after that look at

Todd Denniston, Code 6067, NSWC Crane mailto:address@hidden
I'd crawl over an acre of 'Visual This++' and 'Integrated Development
That' to get to gcc, Emacs, and gdb.  Thank you.
        -- Vance Petree, Virginia Power

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