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Re: CVSROOT must be an absolute pathname problem

From: Mike Ayers
Subject: Re: CVSROOT must be an absolute pathname problem
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 22:55:46 -0800
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Larry Jones wrote:
Mike Ayers writes:

I do not think it is possible to use WinCVS and Cygwin compiled CVS on the same sandbox. Cygwin CVS expects ALL files to be in Unix mode. While WinCVS can check out sandbox files with Unix line endings, it should still expect the CVS/* files to use Windows line endings. You must choose one tool or the other.

I believe it is possible, provided you configure Cygwin to use DOS line
endings when you install CVS.  (There may be a way to specify DOS line
endings at run-time, too; I don't know a whole lot about Cygwin). Conversely, WinCVS comes with a command-line CVS; you can just use it
directly (by adding the WinCVS directory to your PATH) rather than using
the Cygwin version.

You are thinking of text mode mounts. That has been mentioned a few times here, as have a few other prospects for cooperative behavior, but I have never seen a report of anyone successfully configuring a system in which Cygwin CVS and a Windows style CVS were able to work on the same repository. Until we do get confirmation (and instructions), I think it is best to say that it hasn't been done and possibly can't be done. I just want people to understand that, if they want to try to make it happen, they're in for a very bumpy ride.


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