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Re: Vendor branches, imports and checkouts

From: Ross Patterson
Subject: Re: Vendor branches, imports and checkouts
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 13:00:58 -0500

On Monday 16 December 2002 11:29 am, Larry Jones wrote:
> Ross Patterson writes:
> > Have I misunderstood the interactions between import, checkout and
> > update?
> Yes.  Please re-read the section of the manual on tracking third-party
> sources:

So I guess I should have read:

        "When you import a new file, the vendor branch is made the `head' 
        so anyone that checks out a copy of the file gets that revision. When a 
        modification is committed it is placed on the main trunk, and made the
        `head' revision."

as saying that any further changes to the vendor branch would impact the head 
revision until and unless there was a local change committed to the main 
trunk.  I guess that makes sense and is clear in hindsight, but as many times 
as I've read that text I never noticed that it said "... vendor branch ...", 
and always thought what it meant was the newly-created revision became the 
head, not the branch itself.

On a related topic, I've recently read in the list archives about the 
implications of "cvs import" and newly-deleted files and that the proper next 
step after "cvs import" is "cvs update -j <prev_level> -j <new_level>" to 
make them actually happen (although neither the CVS manual nor Karl Fogel's 
book seem to touch on this).  That's part of what lead me to expect that 
importing an updated vendor source tree wouldn't impact main-trunk users.  
But I now understand that If that's the behavior I want, I need to do 
something else.  Like explictly making the main trunk the current branch via 
"cvs admin -b <some level I need to figure out>", or perhaps forcing a 
gratuitous change that pulls all the code down to the main trunk.

Thanks for the help,
Ross A. Patterson
CatchFIRE Systems, Inc.
5885 Trinity Parkway, Suite 220
Centreville, VA  20120
(703) 563-4164

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