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How to tag files on branch by date

From: William Brower
Subject: How to tag files on branch by date
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 13:51:49 +1200
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I want to tag (er, rtag) files that live on a branch on a specific date.
It looks like I can't use both -r and -D in rtag which is how I would
think I'd have to do it, like:
cvs rtag -r my_branch -D 2002-12-01 this_tag my_module

I interpret this command (valid or invalid) to mean:
tag all files in module 'my_module' on branch 'my_branch'
that existed on 2002-12-01 with the tag 'this_tag'

That's what I want to do....can I do it?
I'm assuming that using just '-r' or '-D' will not
do what I want.

Just -D, like this...

cvs rtag -D 2002-12-01 this_tag my_module

...will tag not only branch files, but files that
don't live on the branch. I don't want to tag those.

And, just -r, like this...

cvs rtag -r my_branch this_tag my_module

...will tag files on my_branch modified
after 2002-12-01. I don't want to tag those.


William Brower  MIT Lincoln Laboratory
805.355.1310    KMR Field Site, Kwajalein

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