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No commit needed to add a directory?

From: Blaine DeLancey
Subject: No commit needed to add a directory?
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 11:58:40 -0600

Here's what happened:
I'm using WinCVS v.1.2 and CVS v.1.11 on HP-UX. I had extracted a module
etc/etc/forms. I then unzipped some files into a sub-directory of that
working directory, called 'source'.

>From WinCVS, I clicked on the 'source' sub-directory inside the
etc/etc/forms directory in my working directory, then did 'Add selection'. I
did not commit.

I then changed my mind, and did a 'cvs release -d' to clear things out.

I did a checkout on etc/etc/forms again, and lo and behold, the 'source'
sub-directory appeared. Checking on the server, a 'source' directory had
been created inside the 'forms' directory in the repository.

What am I missin' here?

Blaine DeLancey
DeLancey Systems, LLC
Consulting System Architect

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