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Running a CVS checkout script on the client, locally

From: Andy Glew
Subject: Running a CVS checkout script on the client, locally
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 15:11:01 -0800 (PST)

I was quite embarassed to learn that a CVS checkout script[*]
that I have been using for years fails with remote CVS
while it works with local CVS,
because it expected to be able to access files
in the checked out tree.
Although it started out using a script under CVSROOT
in the repository,
it wanted to use this to run a file in the workspace.

[*] By "CVS checkout script" I mean a script specified
via a -o option in CVSROOT/modules.

Q: is there any way to run a client (local) checkout script
via CVS?

I note that checkin -i and update -u scripts run locally.
I understand why a server side script is desirable,
but I think running a client side script is equally desirable.




Or: maybe I have the wrong usage model.

I was using the checkout script(s) to automatically prepare
the newly checked out workspace.

E.g. on a most primitive level, I might be simply running etags.

More realistically, I would be running "make configure",
building some symlinks that depended on what type of system
the workspace was checked out.
    Or not... since CVS doesn't handle symlinks, I was also
just creating symlinks via the checkout script.

I can hear Larry saying "CVS is not a build tool",
since basically what I was trying to do was perform
some build steps automatically on checkout,
albeit occasionally to make up for CVS deficiencies.


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