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Re: Commit Problem

From: Mike Ayers
Subject: Re: Commit Problem
Date: Thu, 05 Dec 2002 15:03:26 -0800
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Bill Smith wrote:
----- Original Message -----
From: "Mike Ayers" <address@hidden>

Actually, yes it is a cut-and-paste, here it is again including the command

Here s the entire trace with the -t option

$ cvs -t commit
cvs commit: notice: main loop with
cvs commit: Examining .
 -> Starting server: ssh -l bsmith cvs server
address@hidden's password:
/CVSROOTccess /var/cvs
No such file or directory

Hmmm... this looks like the string "/CVSROOT" overlaid on the string "Cannot access /var/cvs". This would happen if, say, you were using Unix style formattting...

You mentioned Cygwin earlier. Have you used Cygwin to work in this sandbox that you are using TortoiseCVS in?

FYI, the cygwin cvs version is

$ cvs -v

Concurrent Versions System (CVS) 1.11 (client/server)


What params are you changing?  Opening a JPEG file in an editor and
resaving it should change nothing.

I played with changing the compression level of the jpg using the gimp. cvs
SHOULDN'T care anyway. It's a

Ah - that's not a parameter - you recompressed the image. CVS shouldn't care, yes, but I, trying to understand the problem, do. :-)

Additional Info:
 TortoiseCVS version 1.2.1
 client os: Windows XP Home
 server os: Redhat 7.2
 server ssh version: OpenSSH_3.1p1

Server CVS version?

server cvs version is 1.11.1p1

        Old Aunt Ethel!

Client/server protocol?  :ext: with ssh is implied, but you give an
OpenSSH version, and TortoiseCVS only works with PLINK.EXE, which does
not show an OpenSSH version.

On the client side, TortoiseCVS is using plink which is connecting to sshd
on the server side.

        Are you certain of this?  How do you know?

This has worked successfully with all the other files. To add some more
detail, it is only a
handful of files (~12 out of 100) all jpgs that are acting up. The images
all vary in size, but
none exceed 30 - 40k.

Irrelevant, mostly. CVS is all or nothing. What's surprising is that so many files do work.

Since we are talking configuration, fyi, in the server cvswrappers file is
an entry
for jpgs:
*.jpg -k 'b'

        Good.  Please status your JPEGs and verify that the option took.


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