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Re: CVS on IBM ISeries

From: Wayne Johnson
Subject: Re: CVS on IBM ISeries
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 08:27:19 -0800 (PST)

P.S.  You might consider using VisualAgeC++ on NT and cross compiling to
the AS/400.  Last two projects I worked with did that with great success.
PC's are cheaper per Mhz than AS/400s so it might be cheaper to buy a
fast PC to compile with and save your AS/400 for testing.

--- Mark Cooper <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi all.
> I hope some kind soul somewhere can offer some help with this one.
> I currently have a requirement to build a Java system on an AS/400
> (ISeries). Previously, we have successfully used automated build
> processes
> on Linux/Unix and NT that use a cvs client to extract (via cvs log)
> changes
> since the last build and if necessary rebuild the system from its Ant
> build
> script.
> Ideally, I would like to have an automated build of this system on its
> target platform (the ISeries), but cannot find a suitable cvs client to
> do
> the job (the actual cvs repository is on a Unix server).
> I have had some small success using the Java cvs client that is
> embedded in
> the NetBeans IDE, which has a command-line invokable client class.
> Unfortunately this Java version of the cvs client does not support all
> of
> the command arguments (both pre and post action) that the traditional
> unix
> or NT clients do, some of which are required by the automated build
> process. The most notable being the cvs log command, which in the Java
> client does not support the passing of a filename to the command, so
> that
> no-matter what file or path you wish to obtain the log for, you always
> get
> the logs for everything recursively from the directory in which you
> issue
> the command.
> I have trawled the net and have come across a few historical messages
> from
> people who were at least trying to get a true cvs port for the AS/400
> but
> these appeared to peter out before anyone had actually succeeded. I'm
> not a
> C or C++ programmer, and have no familiarity with the requirements for
> such
> a port, so ideally I need to take advantage of something someone else
> has
> done before (sorry).
> I stress that I only need client side functionality, the cvs server
> will
> not be hosted on OS400 (although it may eventually be in a Linux
> partition
> on an ISeries).
> Any help or pointers anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.
> Mark Cooper
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