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Re: Merging on Vendor releases

From: Fabio Fracassi
Subject: Re: Merging on Vendor releases
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 17:39:31 +0100
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On Monday 02 December 2002 18:43, Nick Patavalis wrote:
> First create a branch rooted at "basicChanges", like this:
>   cvs rtag -b -r basicChanges b_basicChanges
> Then checkout from this branch:
>   cvs co -r b_basicChanges
> Then merge the vendor changes in it:
>   cvs update -j VendorRelease -j VendorRelease_new

Just to get it right: 

For this I have to have the New Vendor Release imported, right?
what I did before the cvs update command is: 
cvs import -m "Import of Kaffe-1.0.7" kaffe-1.0.6 kaffe-org venrel-1-0-7
in a directory with the actual release of the vendor sources.
Is this the right thing to do, or do I have to include the new release in a 
different branch (how?)? 
The command I issued gave me the usual conflicts, which I ignored, and than 
issued your update command, which resulted in no conflicts at all. (Which I 
find quite unbelivable)

I am sorry to bother you with these details, but I like to get this right from 
the beginning, and I am quite confused about what changes happen, at which 
location when using the different commands.

> Fix the conflicts, test and make sure everything works fine. Then
> commit in the branch:

Is there a tool (a set of tools) which could assist me in the task? I have 
played around with tools like cervisia, linCVS and emacs ediff, and gideon. 
Does anybody know if they are suitable for such a task?

And another small question: Is there an easy way of getting a list of the 
different tags and branches which are in the repository?

Again TIA


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