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CVS on IBM ISeries

From: Mark Cooper
Subject: CVS on IBM ISeries
Date: Thu, 5 Dec 2002 14:34:57 +0000

Hi all.

I hope some kind soul somewhere can offer some help with this one.

I currently have a requirement to build a Java system on an AS/400
(ISeries). Previously, we have successfully used automated build processes
on Linux/Unix and NT that use a cvs client to extract (via cvs log) changes
since the last build and if necessary rebuild the system from its Ant build

Ideally, I would like to have an automated build of this system on its
target platform (the ISeries), but cannot find a suitable cvs client to do
the job (the actual cvs repository is on a Unix server).

I have had some small success using the Java cvs client that is embedded in
the NetBeans IDE, which has a command-line invokable client class.
Unfortunately this Java version of the cvs client does not support all of
the command arguments (both pre and post action) that the traditional unix
or NT clients do, some of which are required by the automated build
process. The most notable being the cvs log command, which in the Java
client does not support the passing of a filename to the command, so that
no-matter what file or path you wish to obtain the log for, you always get
the logs for everything recursively from the directory in which you issue
the command.

I have trawled the net and have come across a few historical messages from
people who were at least trying to get a true cvs port for the AS/400 but
these appeared to peter out before anyone had actually succeeded. I'm not a
C or C++ programmer, and have no familiarity with the requirements for such
a port, so ideally I need to take advantage of something someone else has
done before (sorry).

I stress that I only need client side functionality, the cvs server will
not be hosted on OS400 (although it may eventually be in a Linux partition
on an ISeries).

Any help or pointers anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Mark Cooper

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