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Re: AW: using .cvsrc in client-server setup

From: Fabian Cenedese
Subject: Re: AW: using .cvsrc in client-server setup
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 08:22:18 +0100

Windows 98 does not allow me to name/create a file as
I tried naming a file just cvsrc and setting HOMEDRIVE
and HOMEPATH.It doesn't work.
Can anyone tell me how they accomplished setting
global options on windows 98?Any other suggestions? I
really really need cvs  co -P,update -P and update -d
as default options for all users.

Let someone create the .cvsrc file on a unix system (or any other system that allows it) for you and then send it to you as email attachment. When saved from the email the file will be created. With Win98 I was able to edit the file after that and save it as .cvsrc, on NT4.0 I had problems because it always tried to rename the file as .cvsrc.txt.

I guess that's not an NT problem but one of this editor or registry setting.
Just create any suitable file and rename it on the DOS command line,
works without a fault (at least on my NT4 but 98 should be even easier).

ren cvsrc.txt .cvsrc

bye  Fabi

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