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Inter-dependent modules

From: Glenn
Subject: Inter-dependent modules
Date: 02 Dec 2002 11:38:33 +1100

Hi all
I've been using CVS consitantly only for a few months now - and done
enough reading to confront the various problems I've found (lots of
reading still to do though) - but I'm still unsure about how to
structure this one - I'm hoping someone can point me to a suitable

If there is a module that is a project in its own right, but is also
used in other projects or unrelated modules - e.g. javascript includes
for web sites, or Application frame works in your favourite language -
how do we include files from module 1 in module 2, and have module 2's
instance of module 1's files keep updated appropriately. Here's a sample

MODULE:JsIncludes       MODULE: Site1           MODULE: Site2
file: images.js         file: index.html        file: index.php
file: forms.js          file: script.php        file: forms.js
file: widgets.js        file: widgets.js        file: widgets.js

In this situation can I have bug fixes (and other changes) from a branch
in the source of widgets.js (from module jsincludes) carried through to
the instances of this file in MODULES Site1 and Site2? - I guess its
also important to be able to do this by Tag as well?

Thanks anyone and everyone

Glenn <address@hidden>

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