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Re: Repairing repository

From: Mike Pumford
Subject: Re: Repairing repository
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2002 09:48:34 +0100

>       The device upon which my repository was stored has failed.  I have last 
> week's 
> backup, but I had done some checkins since then.  Fortunately, I have an up 
> to 
> date tree.  I have copied the backup in to create a new repository.  Now I 
> must identify the files in the current working tree which are newer than 
> (different from) the files in the repository, and get them comitted.  Any 
> suggestions for the easy way to do this?
Whatever you do don't do a cvs update. If your local revision is != to the
revision in the CVS repository CVS will update it with the repository version 
potentially losing a lot of changes.

My advice for dealing with this is:

1 backup your local working directory.

2 Get a modified CVS which will report an error if the revision number in
  the repository is less than the one in the working directory (I can supply 
  a source patch for this if you want and possibly a binary).

3 Use the modified client to identify local files that have a revision number
  greater than the repository revision. 

4 For each of these files adjust the revision number in CVS/Entries to match
  the revision number in the repository

5 Once you have sorted out all the CVS/Entries files you should be able to
  commit and bring the repository and your workspace back in sync at the
  cost of a little file history.


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