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Re: CVS and ^M

From: Alan Dayley
Subject: Re: CVS and ^M
Date: Fri, 26 Jul 2002 13:11:19 -0700

Jumping in the middle here as I think I am faced with this issue. For this particular project the code MS complied be MS tools targeting an MS platform.

Win32 client with WinCVS
    |        |
    |        |
    |      Work directory on SAMBA share on Linux
CVS server on Linux

Using WinCVS I check code out of the Linux based CVS server to my SAMBA share directory on a Linux server.

Are you saying that because my work directory is on a Linux server, I will have problems with the line ending and/or other things?

Or am I save since I only access the repository with a MS based tool and edit the files only with MS based tools?


At 03:59 PM 7/26/02 -0400, you wrote:
I mean, don't share directories between Windows and Unix/Linux; the file
formats and filesystem semantics are different.  They're similar enough
that many things will work and fool you into thinking that everything
will work, which it won't.  Unless you're using the server strictly as a
server and only access the directory from the client, never directly on
the server, it's a bad idea that will eventually bite you.

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