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Re: cvs history: warning: history line invalid

From: Frederic Brehm
Subject: Re: cvs history: warning: history line invalid
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 13:57:46 -0400

At 12:54 -0400 7/24/02, Martin d'Anjou wrote:

The filesystem is only running filesystem stuff, nothing else. I need to
check with my network admin if we're allowed to run a CVS daemon on the
file server itself. What if I picked a server closer to the fileserver

We have a similar setup. The file server (on a Sun) serves files
using NFS and SAMBA. There is a CVS repository shared by people using
Solaris, Linux, Irix, and all the various flavors of Windows. The
file server does not allow any logins except for the administrator,
and does not run a CVS server process.

We chose a single machine (it also happens to be a Sun) under our
control to use as our CVS server. Everyone has a login on that
machine and uses


for CVSROOT. The cvsserver machine uses NFS to get to the repository.
This works well.

We used to let everyone access the repository using NFS until one
file got corrupted. To enforce the transition to the new CVSROOT, we
put a commitinfo check to prevent people from using any other CVSROOT
definition. This caught some people who were infrequent users of the
repository and didn't get the initial word to change their definition

I suspect that even if the file server and the cvsserver machines
were different (e.g., solaris and linux), that it would be safe to
use this way because the CVS repository is being accessed from a
single machine. Maybe someone else on the list can comment.


Fred Brehm, Sarnoff Corporation, address@hidden

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