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a question on project management

From: Isaac Claymore
Subject: a question on project management
Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 16:30:08 +0800
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Hi folks, I just started working as a project leader of a group
of about 10 guys. I've already set up a CVS server, based on SSH
, and ViewCVS as a web interface to the repository. That works
perfectly fine as a source management tool.
However, maintaining task assignments and tracking work progress
of individuals is beginning to headache me...
I'm completely newbie to project management and I believe many
of you CVS folks are experienced at this management work, so I chose
to post my questions to this list: What tools are you using to facilitate
such jobs like task assignment and progress tracking? And what's your 
experience about them?
I found a 'mrproject' in RH7.3, but its functionalities seemed a bit too

Any hint or point to URL is greatly appreciated ;)


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