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Automatically tagging the repository after (almost) every commit

From: Reinstein, Shlomo
Subject: Automatically tagging the repository after (almost) every commit
Date: Wed, 17 Jul 2002 11:26:37 +0300


Our users use CVS indirectly through a Perl script that I wrote. This Perl
script provides the same command and the same options as CVS, with few
additions. For "commit", the script also (by default) tags the repository
when the commit is over, and it has an additional option to avoid tagging
the repository. The tag that it creates is composed of the current date &
time, and the 1st line of the user's commit message (formatted in such a way
that it will fit a tag name).
In order to get the 1st line of the commit message, there's another script
that runs using the CVSROOT/loginfo file, and writes the commit message to
some file that is later read by the first script. That file is created in a
directory specified by an environment variable, and the name of that file
consists of the name of the machine and the process id of the Perl script
(passed to the loginfo script using an environment variable), to distinguish
it from any other commit.

Can I achieve the same if the repository sits in a CVS server? If so, how?

I realize that I can use "rtag" in the loginfo script to tag the repository,
knowing the 1st line of the commit message. But I don't know whether or not
I should tag the repository - this information is only in the first Perl


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