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An example please?

From: El seņor de los cielos
Subject: An example please?
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 16:00:57 -0400

Hi again,

Being unable to solve my past issue, now I beg you to give me a simple 
example of how to use CVS. Here is what I've been trying so far:

First take a look at the following tree:

--other folders...


1. I create a repository in CVSNT for Z:/ (CVSNT automatically 
initializes it), and another for Z:/iBackup.
2. I set the CVSROOT env var to :pserver:address@hidden:z:/
3. I set the HOME env var to C:\test
4. I issue "CVS login" and I'm logged in succesfully.
5. I issue "CVS checkout iBackup", and the thing says that it cannot 
access "z://CVSROOT".
5. I change CVSROOT to :pserver:address@hidden:z:/iBackup
6. I login again and issue "CVS checkout bin", and now it says it 
cannot access z:/ibackup/CVSROOT... how come...

It appears the repositories are indeed being initialized since I can 
see the CVSROOT subfolder on each repository.

Also, I tried reinitializing the repository by "CVS init", but it 
says "cvs [init aborted]: end of file from server (consult above 
messages if any)". There is no "above" message.

Boy, I really want to begin using CVS, but so far it has proven to be 
very difficult (it was a headache to get it working in the first place, 
and WinCVS does not work properly, but who's complaining? LOL)

Thanks in advance.

- Ivan V.

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