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Running in Production mode & moving the repo

From: stacy . j . lyons
Subject: Running in Production mode & moving the repo
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 07:59:16 -0400

I have a working repo that I am getting ready to baseline/tag so that I can
start using the repo for this years production processing.  I have multiple
programmers running diff pieces of this system.   Normally I had a
development area where each programmer made changes in their own dir but
now my manager wants everything to be in one location during production.
Should I just check out a copy of the repo in our production area and let
the programmers run/modify programs????  What is the normal procedure when
you take the repo into the production phase??  Additionally, I would like
to move the repo(CVSROOT) to another dir.  How complicated is this??

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