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Merging third party source

From: Fredrik Svensson
Subject: Merging third party source
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 09:17:09 +0200 (MEST)

Dear all,

I am trying to track a third party source and I had some problem with the
latest import.

I taged the tree as before_NEWVERSION
unpacked the new sources.
I imported the new sources as described in the manuals, with
cvs -q import project Company NEWVERSION

I then did the
cvs checkout -j before_NEWVERSION -j NEWVERSION project
and it reported some mergers.
cvs update showed a M before the files I was interested in. No C:s.

I did the mistake of not checking them more careful since I spent some
time on adding some files that were removed by the import. (the imported
source was missing a directory, I added them again and they are currently
in after_NEWVERSION)

Was this the big mistake in not "accepting" the merged files by editing
them ? There were no C:s so I assumed I was safe.

I comitted and now I found that in the version I taged after_NEWVERSION
does not have the changes I have in before_NEWVERSION.

A diff between before_NEWVERSION and after_NEWVERSION results in the
parts I wanted merged.

I have obviously done something wrong, but I am not sure of what.
I tried to follow both CvsBook and Cederqvist.

I guess I can create a diff and merge it into the current head.
Is this the right way to go ?
But I would like to know if anyone have a hint to what I did wrong.

/Fredrik .. juggeling with cvs..

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