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Cvs problem

From: Jim McIntosh
Subject: Cvs problem
Date: Thu, 11 Jul 2002 13:37:27 +0000

Hi Guys,

I'm having a problem with the problem is that when the
script tries to concatenate $currdir with $dirline it seems to copy one over the other rather than next to each other.
$currfile should be cvsrepository/hi.txt
however it ends up being hi.txtository

Heres that part of the code:

            $currfile = "$currdir$dirline";
        open(FILETYPE,"ss Filetype \"$currfile\" $ssuserpass |");
                $type = lc(<FILETYPE>);

Does anyone know how to fix this. Please help as I'm only a student in 2nd year at University and have never really used perl or cvs.


"We can all fly, it's just a definition of how we do it!" James McIntosh

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