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client/server bug with files merged via "cvs update" onto branch

From: Bill Fenner
Subject: client/server bug with files merged via "cvs update" onto branch
Date: Mon, 8 Jul 2002 03:41:40 -0700

Apologies for not submitting this via the issue tracking
system, but I created an account and requested Observer role, but
apparently that's not good enough to submit a bug report.

When "cvs update -jfoo -jbar" is used to merge a new file onto a
branch, it creates an Entries file with a version number of 0, but
a timestamp matching the file on disk (This might be an "update" bug,
since the timestamp in the Entries file is supposed to represent the
timestamp of the file checked out from the repository, and this file
is not present in the repository on this branch).  This causes the
subsequent "commit" to fail, since the client doesn't upload the
new file and the server fails to find it.

My workaround is in FreeBSD PR bin/40227, see:

It causes the client to always upload new files if the version is 0.
Probably both should be fixed - the cvs client should be robust to
these slightly odd Entries files, and cvs update should not create them.


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