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Keeping multiple CVS repositories in sync

From: Jay Yarbrough
Subject: Keeping multiple CVS repositories in sync
Date: Fri, 5 Jul 2002 16:40:06 -0500

We have only recently begun to use CVS as our primary repository.  It is hosted 
on a solaris-8 platform.  We are also sub-contracting some of our software to 
remote developers who will only have access to Win32 systems.  Due to the 
flakey internet connections between their site and ours, it is not practical to 
have them access our repository directly.

I wanted to set up a remote repository and keep it in sync with ours.  However, 
after much reading, I found that CVSup is not supported on Win32.  In a past 
life, I used a commercial product with much success, however, the cost is 
prohibitive at this time.  So, we want to use CVS if we can get it to work 

Has anyone successfully done this with CVS?  Can you lend a bit of assistance?

Thanks in advance.


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