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cvs repository confusion

From: Edmund
Subject: cvs repository confusion
Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2002 09:06:16 +0800


Before I went on a holiday, I had created two different repositories for

the same project.  Now, after a month of not even touching CVS (due
to the lack of time at work to work on the project), now I don't
even remember why I had two seperate repositories.  I didn't know
about this until I kept on modifiying a certain file and the file's
modfiy date never changed in WinCVS.  I then realized I was
looking at a different repository file than the file I was modifying.
Confusing, eh?

Is there a way to take the whole repository and compare it with
a different repository's source?    Judging from the dates, I've
modified both repository code recently.   I ran both projects
and they seem to work nearly the same.

Any help, and/or suggestions appreciated.   I just haven't been
using CVS extensively to understand it that well, so there's
probably some feature that I'm missing and I'm still reading
the documentation.


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