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Re: Tagged branch not found

From: david
Subject: Re: Tagged branch not found
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 15:54:43 -0500 (CDT)

> The cvs status -v output of a file looks like the below
> Existing Tags:
>      rel-61303                       (revision: 2.17)
>      rel-61302                       (branch: 2.11.4)
>      post-nway-replication           (branch: 2.11.2)
>      prod                            (branch: 2.11.4)
> When I do a cvs co -r prod (or cvs co -r rel-61302) of the above file, I get
> revision 2.11, not revision 2.11.4 (which shows up as in the
> $Header of the file). That isn't right is it? Shouldn't it give me the
> actual revision with the tag?
Disregard the revision numbers; they won't tell you anything that the
tags won't, and can be confusing.  If you have not checked anything
in on branch rel-61302, then the correct revision number is 2.11.

To give you a more detailed summary, CVS file revision numbers have
an even number of components, so there will never be a file checked
out with revision number 2.11.4, but rather 2.11 or 2.11.4.something.
The "0" components are only used in special cases, such as
to signify 2.11.4, which we know is a branch revision because it
can't be a file revision.

When you create a branch on a file or files, it doesn't automatically
create a new revision, and so there is no immediate change in the
revision history.  If you are at 2.11, and check something in on
the trunk, you get revision 2.12; if on rel-61302 you will get

You did not include the complete "cvs stat -v" output, but if you
look at the "Sticky Tag:" field you'll find rel-61302, which is
exactly as it should be.  That is how you find what branch the
file is on.

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