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Re: How to run :gserver: nonroot

From: Jilles Oldenbeuving
Subject: Re: How to run :gserver: nonroot
Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 21:27:49 +0200

>   (a) We changed the :gserver: method so that, instead of trying to
>   setuid(2) to the user, it just compares his name to the `readers'
>   and `writers' files when he tries to access a repository.  This
>   means that the server can run as non-root and, since it will just
>   keep running as its original user, we do not need to create a Unix
>   account on the machine for each developer.

Now I am no authority on CVS whatsoever, nor have I every submitted
one line of code to the CVS project, this is something I really like:
The solution out there wasn't good enough for you: so you added
the functionality yourself! Good work!

Jilles Oldenbeuving

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