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CVS handling of .PLL libraries

From: Vijay Narayanan
Subject: CVS handling of .PLL libraries
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 14:19:31 +0530


I have oracle forms users accessing CVS and they are putting in
.PLLs(Package Libraries) and .FMBs(Form Builder files). Once imported into
CVS and when these files are checked out, these files (.PLLs in particular)
are creating the following errors.

Following is the error message I get when i open checked out .PLLs in Oracle
Form Builder and then try to close it.

PDE-PER001 Internal error (scaba 18)

Is there any place where I can configure CVS to handle files formats like
.PLL, .FMBs and other file formats.  Or is this a problem caused by Linux on
which I have CVS
installed and my Oracle is running on NT? Please advise.


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