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CVS with a single java classes directory

From: Matthew Hunter
Subject: CVS with a single java classes directory
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 22:45:30 -0600
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I am working on a number of different projects in Java, all of which share 
a number of classes, and also contain other things (web apps with associated
config files, .jsp files, etc).  I would like to use a single classes 
directory containing all the actual .java files, and put each separate project 
in its own module, each of which would contain the classes directory as a 

So, it would look like this:

|-> org/foo/
|-> com/foo/

|-|->classes (pointing to above module)

And so on.  There are a number of different webapps.

I've tried making each classes directory a symlink to a single classes 
This works reasonably well, but I have to create the symlink by hand each time. 
Also, I would like a bit more flexibility than this offers -- branching the 
"classes" directory at a given point for a released version, for example, so 
I could always build a working webapp even if incompatible changes have been 
in the classes directory.

I figure this has to be a common problem with a reasonable solution, so I've 
tried a number of things to resolve it.

At first blush, using the modules admin file seems like the best solution, by
creating the webapp module as an alias that looks something like this:

webapp real-webapp -d webapp/WEB-INF/classes &classes

(ie, checkout real-webapp to the current directory, then checkout classes
as a submodule to the just created webapp/WEB-INF/classes)

Using this gets me an aborted checkout with the message "No such directory

I've also tried defining an alias:

webapp real-webapp -a -d webapp/WEB-INF/classes classes

(very similar intent to the first one).

This gets me the same error.  What am I overlooking?  Is there a commonly 
accepted solution for this problem?  Do I need to look somewhere other than CVS?

I'm primarily operating via pserver, if it makes a difference.

Matthew Hunter (address@hidden)

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