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Re: CVS for Windows: Bug using diff?

From: John
Subject: Re: CVS for Windows: Bug using diff?
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 15:43:42 GMT

I had the same problem when using the CVSRoot as a local protocol.  When I 
redid my cvs setup, cvsnt was configured for
pserver.  Now WinCVS does the diff correctly.  

So I believe that there is something wrong with the diff command when accessing 


On 27 Mar 2002 14:03:00 +0200, address@hidden (Garvin Hicking) wrote:

> Salutations, info-cvs!
>I am using CVS NT (Local Build 27) for maintaining source control 
>over my local Windows-Development-files. I used only basic functionality so 
>far (checkouts, commits and update). Today I had the problem to review an 
>earlier version of a file. When I use "cvs -n diff -l -r 1.2 <file>" (with 
>existing versions, no matter what file, no matter what revision) I get the 
>following error:
>cvs [diff aborted]: (start_server internal error): unknown access method
>I can, though, check out files with this revision and use WinDiff for 
>comparing those files. But I thought that would be builtin-CVS functionality, 
>and it works on my linux machines.
>Is this a known bug? Am I doing something wrong?

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