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Question about commits in CVSROOT and running loginfo scripts

From: Mark
Subject: Question about commits in CVSROOT and running loginfo scripts
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 05:16:48 -0800 (PST)

When I tryed to have a loginfo script read the writers file, it seems that the
administrative database isn't really rebuilt till after the loginfo scripts
have completed runing. The writers file read by the loginfo script always sees
a writers file without the changes I just commitied. (The loginfo script was
reading the actual writers file in the repository). I had to have it use the
workarea copy to read the accurate contents. Is this the correct operation of
the admin files in CVSROOT on commits?

Is this the same with all other files in CVS? One thing that has cause issues
for me is that it seems cvs maintains locks after a commit while the loginfo
scripts are running (I had found out about these lock issues trying to add to
the commited file's log message in a loginfo script). I had to fork the script
and exit the parent to get cvs to release the lock, though I am not sure what
is really happening or what I really did to get things working. Can anyone
elaborate on how cvs deals with locks after a commit and into the running of
loginfo scripts?



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