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How to using CVS under Win32?

From: Zoom . Quiet
Subject: How to using CVS under Win32?
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 15:10:31 +0800

      Hollo  every one!
i'm fresh men in OpenSource developer, so i'm working in Chinese, so i had to 
working under Windows,
and now i installed cvsnt_1.11.1.3.exe and WinCvs120;
BUT ! 
i only can sure cvsnt servise is working ---- because net start cvs is succeed,
but can not sure WinCvs is cnnected cvs !!
these help doc is to deep for me!
so so who can help me give me one simple quick start for CVS?
>how to command config CVS cvsroot?
>how to edit module(add, delet,modify ps. what means "module"?!!)
>how to config WinCvs connected other CVS running  remote  computer and using 
>windows domain account?
(such as in CVS repository root in E:\LAMPS\zCVSroot\  )

                     2002 spring...

        u turely Zoom.Quiet

>>> 2002-03-27 14:57:58

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