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Re: XML interface to cvs

From: James Knowles
Subject: Re: XML interface to cvs
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 17:29:53 -0700

> > > > What kind of interface are you looking for?
> > > A programmatic one.  
> > but XML describes data formats, not APIs.
> Exactly.  What's your point?  I think you have chosen to interpret my
> original question too literally.  It's similar to asking for an http
> interface to cvs.

...or that you expressed your question too loosely or vaguely. HTTP is a
well-defined, standard transport protocol. XML is a data organization
methodology. They are two completely different things. 

If you want a HTTP-ish protocol, are you in truth asking for something like
a WSDL server that wraps CVS? 

Its failings notwithstanding, there is much to be said in favor of
journalism in that by giving us the opinion of the uneducated, it keeps us
in touch with the ignorance of the community.
- Oscar Wilde

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