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CVSROOT/readers not checked by 'tag' operation

From: Austin Lauree
Subject: CVSROOT/readers not checked by 'tag' operation
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 14:42:26 -0800

I set up anonymous read-only pserver access to my test repository and noticed 
that the 'tag' operation does not verify if a user has permission to perform a 
tag operation (through the readers file in any case).  The 'rtag' operation 
works as expected (giving the following error: cvs [server aborted]: "rtag" 
requires write access to the repository).

I've also noticed that rtag operations get logged into the CVSROOT/history file 
where tag operations do not.

Both rtag and tag call the taginfo administrative scripts, so I'm able to log 
both operations through that, and also verify permission for tag operations.

Does anyone know why the two would have different behaviour when checking 
permissions to perform the operation?


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