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RE: preventing direct repository changes

From: Bill Biessman
Subject: RE: preventing direct repository changes
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 17:15:49 -0500

If you use one of the client/server versions of CVS you can do it.  I use
CVS NT with a dedicated Windows 2000 server.  The CVS repository is on a
disk drive which is only accessible from the server; it is not mountable
remotely.  I have the repository files writable by everyone, but nobody can
get to them without using the CVS server or logging in at the server console
(which carries a penalty of death).

The only time you should have an issue is when users log into the same
computer that is being used as the CVS server.  Otherwise, as long as the
volume with the repositories is not public nobody should be able to get in
there and cause problems.

David Everly writes:
> Is there some technique I can use to prevent my developers from
> directly altering the cvs repository and force them to use cvs
> commands instead?

I find a big stick wielded with authority works pretty well.  CVS isn't
designed for anything more fascistic.

-Larry Jones

All girls should be shipped to Pluto--that's what I say. -- Calvin

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