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A way to give very specific CVS functions to specific people

From: Peter Smulders
Subject: A way to give very specific CVS functions to specific people
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2002 20:13:34 +0000

Hi list,

I came across this on the SuSE-Security mailing list:

(the posts belong together)

This might just be a possible answer to that oft-asked question "how do
I give only this-and-this person a subset of CVS functions?" and the
various different mutations of it.

>From what I gather, it is possible to create SSH-keys that when used
will only allow certain very specific command lines to be run. It isn't
too much of a stretch to create your own exact set of CVS commands that
you want to divide across a group of people.

It is probably no news to weathered SSH gurus, but I have never seen it
mentioned on the list.

Also: I can't say I have tried to do anything like this myself; I'm just
offering it as an inspiration for others. Hopefully someone _will_
investigate it and send a short report back to the list. There are
probably some pros and cons to it, but describing those accurately
exceeds my SSH knowledge.



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