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CVS Questions

From: Vaibhav Goel
Subject: CVS Questions
Date: Fri, 22 Mar 2002 09:49:53 -0800

Hello all:

I am a new subscriber to the list and kind of new to CVS.  I hope this is the 
right group to ask the kind of questions I am asking.

I am looking to implement CVS in our team's development project.  It is not a 
"typical" project.  Let me explain:  we develop a custom internet banking 
software and also virtual host it on our servers for our clients.  the code 
is a mixture of jsp files (a combination of server side java and html) and 
config files.  So a combination of jsp files and config files would make an 
internet banking website for a client.  the directory structure is kind of 
like this


where ABC and XYZ are clients.  

A typical development process looks something like this:  client ABC decides 
to change the look on his website and makes some mods to his existing code or 
writes some new code.  he submits the modified jsp and/or config files to us 
and we put the files in the clients directories.  he tests and when he 
approves we move it to the live production servers.  pretty straightforward.
we basically want to do this whole process in CVS.  i was wondering if there 
is an easy way to group the client directories together...i am aware of 
modules and have looked into them.

so in the modules file i could have

ABC             -a              web/jsp/ABC     web/jsp/JPTree

this would work fine for checkingout ABCs file into a tree

what about the inital import though?  any easy way to do that....?  we have a 
lot of clients and when i tried importing everything under "web", i get the 
following error

cvs [import aborted]: out of memory; can not allocate 245268480 bytes

Apologies for the long email...

Any ideas and/or potential pitfalls in the above described architecture are 



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