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Re: Trouble using "edit -c" command

From: Eric Gambardella
Subject: Re: Trouble using "edit -c" command
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 14:56:45 +0100

I hope that what I am doing is not too stupid ;-)

I am in charge of the developpement of a web based application.
Since we are a team of programmers, we decided
to use a software to help us developping our product properly.
Two months ago we tried CVS...
Server side : CVS NT (on windows NT 4 neither unix nor linux I am sorry ...
therefore no "patch" command available...)
Client Side : WinCVS 1.3 (on windows 2000)
This software was for us one of the best product that is why we decided to
install it on a real server
and to deploy WinCVS on 4 PC's.
I am not used to the open source projects...
I am really sorry if I don't know how to "patch" the server :-(
I am a newbie...

Finally, my question was how can I remove an edit on a file ?
But now my question is how to use a .diff file !
Can I use the file you gave me directly with the cvs.exe I have ?
Is there something like the "patch" command under windows NT ?
Do I need the CVS sources to make this .diff file working properly ?

Best regards,
Eric Gambardella

"Noel Yap" <address@hidden> a écrit dans le message de news:
> --- Eric Gambardella
> <address@hidden> wrote:
> > Thanks a lot for your help .... but... I don't know
> > really how to install
> > the patch
> > since I have installed CVS NT using the setup
> > provided at
> > I suppose that it has something to do with Kerberos
> > ??
> > Is there any manual on it somewhere ?
> The patch would be against the CVS executable itself,
> not on any GUI front-end (although to be able to get
> the functionality on the GUI, one would also have to
> patch that).
> All a patch is is a diff.  One can apply the patch
> manually by examining the diff and making the
> appropriate changes to the corresponding files.  One
> can also apply the patch using "patch" (man patch for
> more details).
> I ask again, exactly what are you trying to do?
> Perhaps you're not using CVS in the most effective
> way.
> Noel
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