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From: 周炯
Subject: ,您好
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 18:44:52 +0800

This corporation provides the service item of following scope and consults to 
you : <Express Overseas Airfreight>

1. handle  the transport by air imports and exports from Hong Kong airport and 
Shenzhen airport to world various places. 

2. handle the declaration of export transport by air goods and Shang Jian moves 
to plant to check up etc the vocational work Sending. 

3. handling  the land transportation to Hong Kong of Shenzhen and sending 
Whole world speed is passed . 

4. handling Shenzhen wharf , Hong Kong wharf is to the marine trasport 
vocational work  of world various places, Takes off more than Shenzhen agency 
100KGS in Europe and America district special raisway line Hong Kong , and 
price is special good , Taibei city special offer , and the postal matter : 
address@hidden Contact us ! 

   This corporation has set up the perfect communication network branchery in 
the whole world , and our cooperation of world various places agency trade 
provides the newest freight transport information , and in order to prepare 
customer consults at any time . 
Please we thirst for future   soon , and expensive corporation is selecting the 
freight transport to be acted on behalf of Shang Shi , and thinks over this 
corporation . 
We expect that you arrive to drive and come to a place personality 
International transportation person in charge : Ye Feng ( RICHARD ) is TEL/FAX: 
+86-755-6914265.3891359.3914841 the hand machine :+86-013823278974 welcome the 
incoming telegram to inquire about and orders the cabin , and we wait for 
serving for you at any time ! 

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