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Re: cvs commitinfo - remote access issues - enforced code beautification

From: Thomas S. Urban
Subject: Re: cvs commitinfo - remote access issues - enforced code beautification
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 12:53:44 -0800
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On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 12:18:26 -0800, Austin Lauree sent 6.4K bytes:
> I am trying to administer our cvs repository to ensure that all java
> code commited runs through a 'beautification' process.
> I setup a test system where CVSROOT/commitinfo contains:
> ALL /scm/cvsscripts/commitscript
> If your CVSROOT is a remote dir, using rsh/ssh/pserver access methods,
> the commitscript runs on the cvs server (the repository host) against
> temporary files that it copies from your working directory.  It does
> NOT reflect the changes made to these temporary files in the client's
> working files, but it does update the client's CVS/Entries file to
> reflect that the commit has been accepted into the repository.  So you
> end up with the 'beautified' code in the repository, cvs thinking you
> have this updated code in your working area when you don't, and a big
> bloody mess, no?

Yeah, I've seem this with my commitinfo scripts.  I think if you ensure
that the files you are working in have CVS/RCS keywords in them (and
keyword expansion is not turned off for those files), the remote client
will get an updated version after the commit. Add a comment header to
all your files with $Id$ or similar in it.  Have your developers use
templates for code that have the keywords in them.



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