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Re: Move away it is in the way

From: Francesc Guasch
Subject: Re: Move away it is in the way
Date: Tue, 19 Mar 2002 17:43:20 +0100

address@hidden escribió:
Thank you for answering me, David.

> > move away ... it is in the way.
> >
> This would seem to mean that the files are already there.  Assuming

If I checkout files that are already there, shouldn't
they be ignored ?

> If not, it probably means that you didn't clean out the directory
> as much as you should.

The files are html files from a web server.
I can't remove all and then check them out.
I'm thinking about intercept these files and
remove them, then check out again, but I'd
prefer not to do it.

> If I do a manual checkout it works.
> >
> Are you entering the exact same commands?  You might want to print

yes, I print the commands and I type it.

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