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Troubles with rtag

From: Stuart Henderson
Subject: Troubles with rtag
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 12:52:14 -0000

I've recently become responsible for a project with existing sources under
CVS. The project is suffering from a mix-and-match of tag names. I'm trying
to impose a consistent tag naming convention onto it, with the aim of
automating a lot of the day to day operations. I'm using 'rtag' do help
apply consistent tag names, but I'm getting results that I can't explain
when using rtag.

Background :
Repository holds about 2500 files. The project tags are used to identify
(ABSOLUTE) build points and (RELATIVE) branches. There are large numbers of
tags per ,v file - currently running at just under 100. Client/server CVS is
being used, running cvs version 1.10 on the server

Problem :
I'm running commands like 
        cvs rtag -rx.y.z new_tag_name pathname/to/repository/file
The x.y.z is different per file - output from a "cvs log -h" command has
been processed to generate the correct x.y.z per file
There are some files in the repository where this works OK (I tested it on a
small test set and all was OK), but there are a lot where it fails.
Whether the command works or fails it does so silently. Only subsequent "cvs
log -h ..." shows whether it has worked or not.

Any offers??

Or is there a better way to apply a duplicate name to an existing branch

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