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Export or Checkout to directory/subdir

From: David Lesle
Subject: Export or Checkout to directory/subdir
Date: 15 Mar 2002 10:48:06 -0800

I am running into problems getting cvs to export or checkout into a
specific directory on Unix.  The analogous operation is working for
the same script on Windows.  Here is an example of one attempt and the
error message:

        $ cvs export -Dnow -d junk/subdir cvstest
        cvs export: cannot chdir to junk: No such file or directory
        cvs export: ignoring module cvstest

I have tried this command under numerous conditions - junk/subdir
existing, junk existing, neither existing, full access permissions,
etc.  Nothing has "worked".  The only partial success I got was by
trying "junk\subdir" as was working under Windows.  This lead to
creation of a directory "junksubdir" and subsequent export to it.

Under other circumstances, I would be tempted to just "cd junk; cvs
export -d subdir ...", but the target environment is less flexible as
I am trying to use the Ant cvs task.

Thanks for any pointers,

David Lesle

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