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Re: inadvertent unlock

From: Joe Orchard
Subject: Re: inadvertent unlock
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 09:56:30 -0800

Thanks for the quick response. At least I know it is not because i 
screw something up installing and setting it up. When you say 
"current development version", Is this the CVS 1.11.1p1 source 
distribution available for download at CVShome since 10-16-01? Or you 
do mean for me to pull a current copy out of the repository.

On Tuesday 12 March 2002 06:51 pm, Larry Jones wrote:
> Joe Orchard writes:
> > So, USER2 goes back do his desk
> > and to be a good concurrent revision developer does a recursive
> > admin -u to unlock all of the files that he,USER2, just locked.
> > HOWEVER, with the way CVS works, or is setup, or not setup,  I do
> > not know which, this also unlock the file OPEN.cpp that USER1
> > locked AND any others that USER1 or anyone else has locked.
> You already know that the right solution is to quit using locks, so
> I won't belabor that point.  You've hit upon a bug which was
> introduced in CVS 1.10.8 and fixed last June in the development
> version.  I would suggest upgrading to the current development
> version of CVS.
> -Larry Jones
> I don't want to learn this!  It's completely irrelevant to my life!
> -- Calvin

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