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Re: CVS - import to 1.1

From: Matthew Persico
Subject: Re: CVS - import to 1.1
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 23:48:52 -0500

"Greg A. Woods" <address@hidden> wrote in message
> [ On Monday, March 11, 2002 at 21:22:44 (-0500), Matthew Persico wrote: ]
> > Subject: CVS - import to 1.1


> If they're too opposed to working together and using concurrent edits
> and merging then why use CVS in the first place?  There are (many)
> alternatives.

Because the current system sucks (PVCS) and I don't have to put a PO in for
CVS. :-)


> > If I cannot do this, then I have to create an empty project and then
write a
> > script that will recurse a tree of code, doing cvs adds as appropriate
> > I'd rather not do that.
> What's so hard about that?  I know it would be nice to have such support
> -- so well that I even wrote a full in-depth proposal for it -- but in
> the mean time, and especially for the initial creation of projects, a
> wee tiny script that is simple enough to write once directly on the
> command line should not be a problem.

After I wrote this, I thought about it for a second and you are right, it is
easy enough. AAMOF, I have set of code that is going to be cvs'ed using a
copy of the lib/perl5 tree from production since that's the best source for
it (ouch!). To make that work, I'm going to have to do a tree walk anyway

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