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Re: Newbie: nonsensical documentation

From: Pierre Asselin
Subject: Re: Newbie: nonsensical documentation
Date: 12 Mar 2002 22:03:16 -0600

<address@hidden> writes:

>I'm being forced by my supervisor to start using CVS, which I hate.

Does your supervisor --or anyone else in the group-- know any CVS?
The learning curve is steep if you have to do everything, but if
you're joining a group that already has everything set up, they
could just teach you cvs checkout, update and commit and you could
start hacking right away.

There used to be a CVSHELP(1) man page in the distribution way back
when.  I found it very useful.

>On page 29, one is instructed to do this:

>  $ cd $WDIR
>  $ cvs import -m "Imported sources" yoyodine/$RDIR yoyo start
>  $ cd ..

Yow, imports.  They're slamming you into it.  Ok, here's an overview
of how import works.

 *  Unpack or copy a clean source tree somewhere.
 *  cd to the top of the source tree.
 *  Run the import command.
 *  cd back up one directory and wipe out the source tree.

>I've done this (though, of course, I've changed "yoyodine/$RDIR" to
>"MyModule", and "yoyo" to $USER).

Good, so your source tree is now in CVS, rooted at directory
"MyModule" at the top of the repository.  The next step would have
been to put an entry in the modules file, but since your module is at
the top-level of the repository this is superfluous.

Now you want to cd to a clean directory to try out your import.

>Next, the instructions say to do
>try this:
>  $ cvs checkout yoyodine/$RDIR

Did they say to go to a clean directory first?

>so I try:
>  $ cvs -n checkout MyModule

That should work.  Er, why the "-n" option?  paranoia?

>but I get an error message:
>  cvs checkout: cannot chdir to MyModule: Not a directory
>  cvs checkout: ignoring module MyModule

It's the "-n" option.  CVS should create a top-level "MyModule"
directory, cd to it, and proceed to populate it with a copy of the
sources.  It didn't create the directory because of the -n option
and it should have known better than to try to cd into it.  If I'm
right, you found a bug!  Workaround: be bold.

    $ cd
    $ mkdir scratch
    $ cd scratch
    $ cvs checkout MyModule

Pierre Asselin
Westminster, Colorado

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