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Trouble Building CVS on Alpha UNIX's

From: Terry Spafford
Subject: Trouble Building CVS on Alpha UNIX's
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 12:13:15 -0800
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Well, the latest steps in my attempts to get this company's code management over to CVS is upon me; I now have to build CVS on our Alpha UNIX platforms and get it running. :>

The first one (An Alpha running Tru64 Unix 4.01d) installed fine as far as I could tell, save for a hicup installing the manuals. A trial checkout looks like it worked but more testing will be needed.

The second system though is another Alpha, running Tru64 Unix 5.1a and it seems to be hangign up a bit. I can have a script of the ./configure ; make ; make install available later if anyone wants it, but the main thing I am noticing in the make is the following warning:

WARNING: `autoheader' is missing on your system.  You should only need it if
         you modified `acconfig.h' or `'.  You might want
         to install the `Autoconf' and `GNU m4' packages.  Grab them
         from any GNU archive site.

At the end of the Make I'm noticing the following:

cp rcs2log
chmod +x rcs2log
Making all in tools
No suffix list.
Making all in windows-NT
No suffix list.
Making all in SCC
No suffix list.
No suffix list.
Making all in os2
Making all in emx
Making all in vms
No suffix list.
No suffix list.
cd .  && CONFIG_FILES= CONFIG_HEADERS=config.h  /bin/sh ./config.status
creating config.h
config.h is unchanged

And when I do the make install it stops wiht the following:

 .././install-sh -c sccs2rcs /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/sccs2rcs
# FIXME - this /bin/sh ../mkinstalldirs /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib
 .././install-sh -c clmerge /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/clmerge
 .././install-sh -c cln_hist /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/cln_hist
 .././install-sh -c commit_prep /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/commit_prep
 .././install-sh -c cvs2vendor /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/cvs2vendor
 .././install-sh -c cvs_acls /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/cvs_acls
 .././install-sh -c cvscheck /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/cvscheck
.././install-sh -c debug_check_log /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/debug_check_log .././install-sh -c log /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/log
 .././install-sh -c log_accum /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/log_accum
 .././install-sh -c mfpipe /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/mfpipe
 .././install-sh -c rcs-to-cvs /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/rcs-to-cvs
 .././install-sh -c rcs2log /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/rcs2log
 .././install-sh -c rcslock /usr/local/share/cvs/contrib/rcslock
path should be determined dynamically from bindir
#: No such file or directory
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1
*** Exit 1

I am continuing to investigate/explore what may be wrong; but if anyone has installed CVS on a 5.1a system and can point me ways around the road blocks to keep me from otherwise re-inventing the wheel, I would appreciate it.

Terry Spafford
Software Engineer
Global Weather Dynamics Inc
Monterey, California, USA

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