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CVS through SSH import problem

From: Reggie Big Monkey a.k.a. Redge
Subject: CVS through SSH import problem
Date: 12 Mar 2002 07:42:25 -0800

Hi! I am having a strange problem with CVS import command when using
it with SSH. The CVS process seems to be stuck in the middle of an
upload. Sometimes it occurs on the first file, sometimes after a few

1. When I use CVS with many wrapper parameters (ex: -W "*.exe 'b'") it
always block on the first file.

2. Import with very small files and without any long file names works
perfectly, but not with many wrapper parameters.

My configuration is:
CVS client 1.11 (under Win2000) -> PLink (PuTTY 0.52) -> OpenSSH 3.1
(RSA2) -> CVS server 1.11 (RedHat Linux 7.2)

Checkout works fine. I tried many different configurations to try to
solve the problem: using Win98 instead of Win2000, using only SSH
protocol version 1 instead of version 2, using the cvswrappers file
instead of -W parameters, but the result is always the same!

Any clue? I really searched a lot, but I don't seem to find any valid

Thanks in advance.

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