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apply rdiff output to patch multiple files

From: Matthew Herrmann
Subject: apply rdiff output to patch multiple files
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 15:46:50 +1100

Hi All,

I am using 1.11.1.p1 and I'm getting basically one conflict per change on my
latest merge.

I'm using mergepoints ie.

cvs update -j ROT_4_6_1_MERGEPOINT_1 -j ROT_4_6_1_MERGEPOINT_2

in the current directory which I expect would generate a diff between the
two tags and apply the changes. I read there is a bug in the latest
production cvs release where conflicts are spuriously generated. Even in
code which I know has not been modified, it is creating a conflict.

I thought I might be able to avoid this by doing my merge in two steps:
 1) generate an rdiff file for the directory (maybe specifying case
insensitivity, ignore blank line changes etc. to reduce conflicts)
 2) apply this file using patch

as far as I know, patch only runs on single files. Any way to run rdiff
output? And any idea whether this will help me with my problem? (or maybe
some other workaround, like a switch to specify etc.)

I don't really want to get the latest development release since I'll have to
compile it on two servers and I suppose then update all the client versions
running on Win2k too.(unless there are pre-release binaries available).



Matthew Herrmann
Far Edge Technology
Level 11, 80 Mount St
North Sydney NSW 2060

Ph: 02 9955 3640
Mob: 0404 852 537

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