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wincvs1.3b7 dosbox problems?!

From: struggystrug
Subject: wincvs1.3b7 dosbox problems?!
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 10:47:04 -0000
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did anyone know how i can achieve the closing of the dosbox cvs.exe 
window while using wincvs1.3b7?

with every command a new dosbox is opened! when the show console 
checkbox is NOT checked, the dosboxes are poping up as well and must 
be closed in order to let the current command finish successful!

any idea?

thanks in advance, leif

ah, one more: inside cvs the authors are not listed by there name, 
instead there uid's are used. did anyone know how i can change this 
as well? 

thanks in advance, leif

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