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Check OUT my Newslette

From: erica
Subject: Check OUT my Newslette
Date: 10 Mar 2002 03:06:29 -0000

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Man do I have a hot deal for you this week!
You are one lucky guy you know...

Here in my newsletter, and only here, you can join my site for only... get this...
$10.00... can you believe that? Yes this offer is only good for you, so you had better take me up on it : )

If you are ready to join my site for the low low price of $10.00 then click here!
And for your convience, I had added a link to the bottom of this newsletter so that if you don't want to join now, you baby can join next week... But I suggest you join today... You don't want to miss out on what I have for you in the members area this week : )

Love Erica

Time for the pics!

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Click Here to Join for only $10.00!

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